Yasaiya-Mei Shibuya Hikarie has dishes using lots of ingredients as well as Japanese Mixed Rice cooked in a Le Creuset pot with lots of Umami flavor. The mixed rice is cooked with broth using 7 kinds of selected ingredients and mixed with lots of seasonal ingredients, which is available at lunch time too. First, just savor the rice. Secondly, pour broth and eat together where you can enjoy the change of the taste. We offer drinks that use Chinese herbs with the theme of “beauty & health” and a wide variety of cocktails that are easy to drink for women, using Doburoku (unrefined rice wine), Amazake (sweet fermented rice wine) or Shochu. Our restaurant is directly connected to Shibuya station as a terminal station. You can utilize this convenient location for various occasions such as business lunch/dinner at private room, dinner with your close friends, or just quick drink at the counter seating after work by yourself.